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Expansion Programs

Expansion Programs

In addition to its flagship program, NIRMAN is developing other focused interventions to sensitize, nurture and organize young leadership in the social sector.

These include:

  1. Krutee NIRMAN to bring young people face to face with social reality and engage them in acts of social contribution.
  2. Volunteering at SEARCH - Many NIRMAN youth and students from different institutes (especially medical colleges) across Maharashtra regularly come to SEARCH, volunteer their time by taking part in the activities of the organization and learn.
  3. Kumar NIRMAN to nurture universal human values and social intelligence in school aged children.
  4. NIRMAN - IITB is a focused collaboration between NIRMAN and IIT Bombay to expose students in IIT Bombay to social issues and nurture problem solving skills and spirit among them.


NIRMAN believes in Nayee Talim educational philosophy proposed by Mahatma Gandhi. According to Nayee Talim, life and education can never be separated. Life is the best teacher. Thus, Krutee NIRMAN is an educational program to facilitate youth to their education, sensitization and self-realization by confronting real life social problems.


  • To provide opportunity to the youth to learn about society, environment, social service & self
  • To introduce the youth to burning social problems and the possible solutions
  • To engage them in acts of social contribution and learn from role models
  • To identify the youth willing to work on social problems for the long-term and nurture them further

Since April 2015, 950+ volunteers contributed 3880+ person days in various activities organized under the banner of Krutee NIRMAN.

Various organizations participate, mentor and provide opportunities for action like Pragati Abhiyan Nashik, Paani Foundation, Vayam, DISHA for Victims, Sondara Gurukulam Beed, KVK Jalna, MKCL KF Pune, Tarunaai Foundation Buldhana, DILASA Sanstha Yavatmal and many others.

Youth get to learn about their comfort zones, rural scenario, social taboos, problems, needs, various approaches to solve problems and most importantly social relevance of their education.

Volunteering at SEARCH

Since April 2015, over 400 volunteers have participated in various activities organized by NIRMAN's parent organization, SEARCH (amounting to over 2500 person days). The activities include participating in surgery camps, special OPDs at the SEARCH hospital, internship in various departments of SEARCH, tobacco-alcohol consumption surveys, mobile medical unit in tribal villages, health education, NIRMAN camps, tribal youth sports, school health program, etc. and many more. The activities are organized throughout the year and students can participate as per the time window of their suitability.

This is an excellent learning opportunity for young people to

  1. Get first hand exposure to the rural/tribal life in Gadchiroli and understand the social challenges
  2. Participate in professional and scientific work directed towards social change
  3. Interact with and learn from eminent doctors, researchers, social activists in the state
  4. Spend time at the beautiful SEARCH campus and engage in the community life there
  5. Get introduced to NIRMAN and establish dialog/seek guidance from the NIRMAN team members

Write to contact.nirman@gmail.com for more details and to volunteer.


Kumar NIRMAN is an initiative started by MKCL Knowledge Foundation and NIRMAN.

Kumar NIRMAN believe that Universal Human Values, Social Intelligence and Spirit of Social Action can be nurtured among school children by letting them interact with system and society by identifying and addressing societal needs and problems under appropriate guidance.

Kumar NIRMAN facilitate the platform, opportunities, guidance and appreciation for student group activities which expose them to various societal challenges. Enrolled teams learn to identify social challenges, needs and try to address them through real life action. This makes them socially sensitive and responsible.

Kumar NIRMAN Website
Kumar NIRMAN Blog
Kumar NIRMAN Facebook Page


IIT Bombay is the most prestigious technical institute in India, famous for its contributions in the fields of technology, engineering and research. In 2014, IITB approached NIRMAN to conduct focused training workshops for its students to expose them to social challenges, understand and inspire them to solve social problems and nurture their social consciousness.

NIRMAN developed a specific training program for this and the first workshop with 30 participants from IIT Bombay took place in Gadchiroli in December 2014. Since then, the association has become stronger and multi-pronged. The students have started coming to Gadchiroli and in SEARCH for their internships. The second training workshop with the next cohort took place in December 2015. And now, opportunities for further collaboration with IITB students and faculty for training and research work in Gadchiroli are being explored.

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