Since April 2015, over 100 volunteers have participated in various activities organized by NIRMAN's parent organization, SEARCH (amounting to over 600 person days). The activities include participating in surgery camps, school health program, health education, OPD at the SEARCH hospital, mobile medical unit in tribal villages, NIRMAN camps, tribal youth sports, tobacco-alcohol consumption surveys, etc. and many more. The activities are organized throughout the year and students can participate as per the time window of their suitability. 

This is an excellent learning opportunity for young people to 
1. Get first hand exposure to the rural/tribal life in Gadchiroli and understand the social challenges
2. Participate in professional and scientific work directed towards social change
3. Interact with and learn from eminent doctors, researchers, social activists in the state
4. Spend time at the beautiful SEARCH campus and engage in the community life there
5. Get introduced to NIRMAN and establish dialog/seek guidance from the NIRMAN team members

Kindly contact Akash or write to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more details and to volunteer.