NIRMAN believes in Nayee Taleem educational philosophy proposed by Mahatma Gandhi. According to Nayee Taleemlife and education can never be separated. Life is the best teacher. Thus, Action Learning Module is an educational program to facilitate youth to their education, sensitization and self-realization by confronting real life social problems.


  • To provide opportunity to the youth to learn about society, environment, social service & self
  • To introduce the youth to burning social problems and the possible solutions
  • To engage them in acts of social contribution and learn from role models
  • To identify the youth willing to work on social problems for the long-term and nurture them further

Action Learning Module 2015-2016

NIRMAN initiated its efforts for Action based Learning by identifying need to fight against dreadful drought of Maharashtra. It was an opportunity to make youth stand face to face with drought and rural Maharashtra. In last two years, around 150 youth from all around Maharashtra participated in the fight against drought.

Various organizations participated, mentored and provided opportunities for action like Pragati Abhiyan Nashik, KVK Jalna, ACWADAM Pune, MKCL KF Pune, Tarunaai Foundation Buldhana, DILASA Sanstha Yavatmal and many others.

Youth got to learn about their comfort zones, rural scenario, social taboos, problems, needs, various approaches to solve problems and most importantly social relevance of their education.

Activities for this year have started.
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