NIRMAN camps are the 1st stage of NIRMAN process as it lays a foundation for the youth to lead a purposeful life. NIRMAN camps are designed to promote self-learning in an interactive and lively way.

The camps are based on the ‘Nayee-Talim’ system of education as proposed by Mahatma Gandhi. They include some pre-defined themes as:

  • Understanding one-self thoroughly.
  • Experiential understanding of the grass root situation.
  • Exploring the relation among society, nature and I. 
  • Interaction with eminent changemakers from various fields.
  • Life Mission: What does it mean? Do I need to have one? How do I identify it?

Experts from different fields discuss with the youth the problems from social, economic, scientific and technological perspectives. Participation by the students from diverse backgrounds - regional, financial and academic, adds breadth and depth to the experience in the camp.

NIRMAN camps include:

  • Interactive sessions with the experts,
  • Group discussions and sharing,
  • Personal exercises,
  • Field exploratory visits, 
  • Role plays,
  • Movies, 
  • Games, 
  • Shram-daan, 
  • Self-learning activities and 
  • Planning for the intervening six months before the next camp.