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NIRMAN has given me very wide identity. The identity where self-discipline, compassion, introspection, feeling of non-alienation have become very natural to me. I would say, it has given me some kind of expression to it wherein I can now find my own path.

Swanand Khanapurkar

BS-MS, Theoretical Physics
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune

I will not just feel bad about a problem like I used to before. I will ask myself what I can do about it now. I realized that I was ‘just’ mechanically treating patients. I realized that they are not just ‘cases’ but they are human beings. I found my role in the society.

Dr. Nitish Sancheti

MBBS, GS Medical College, Mumbai

In NIRMAN, I have lived the way I’ve always aspired to – learning, thinking, and introspecting. This has effectively demonstrated what I hold most dear to me and what is crucial for my happiness. I have stopped self-pitying and have learnt to look at myself objectively. This has been the most liberating feeling ever. I learnt how to combine emotions and logical thinking while looking at social issues.

Dr. Komal Bhatt

MBBS, GMC Kolhapur

NIRMAN process taught me to critically analyze various problems in our society and to initiate an 'Action' based thought process to tackle these problems. NIRMAN triggered me to decide the motto of my life. It gave me courage to break the mold and pursue my career/ life in much more meaningful manner towards my society.

Ashwin Pawade

M.Tech, IIT Bombay
Research Engineer, Science For Society

I realized that career is not about material achievements, it’s about touching more number of people.

Dr. Ajinkya Kale

IPoS (Indian Postal Service), Government of India

NIRMAN gave me an amazing outlook towards social problem solving. I now know what I have to do when I see inequality. I don’t feel like a traitor to my emotions anymore. From private practice with occasional social work to full time social work – NIRMAN has changed my view of money & success. It drastically reduced selfishness & increased joy of sharing.

Dr. Surbhi Dharmadhikari

MBBS, GMC Kolhapur

I got a value system, lots of guides and friends that washed away my feeling of loneliness. NIRMAN gave me confidence and vigor, nurtured my social aspect without forcing anything. NIRMAN availed me the opportunity to serve.

Dr. Gajanan Phutake


While doing corporate job, I was frustrated that someone else is dictating how I should be living. I thought I will achieve liberation from this when I start doing what I ‘like’ and not what is ‘popular’. Through NIRMAN, I had tremendous paradigm shift in this thought process. It taught me to think of one step further… What I ‘need’ to do is more important than what I ‘like’.
NIRMAN process gave me the conviction that I will not be doing corporate job; and money will not be my primary criterion to seek work. NIRMAN provided conviction for reducing my carbon footprint and encouraged me in doing lifestyle experiments. It also helped me to be empathetic to the people I had never been with before. These people include farmers, laborers etc.

Nikhil Joshi

M.Tech, IIT Kanpur
Impact Evaluation, Paani Foundation

To have a purposeful life, I must come out of my illusions, assumptions and should serve the needy poor people.
I did not know the actual meaning of social work before joining NIRMAN. Now, I clearly understand that social change making is people oriented, based on needs of the people and working for weaker sections of community. I have got the ability to imagine a larger picture for the kind of society that I want. I am more confident about dealing with problems in personal as well as my public life.

Dr. Pratik Surana

MBBS, GMC Aurangabad
Medical Officer, PHC Pendhari, Dist. Gadchiroli

NIRMAN helped me to show courage and raise my voice wherever I felt things were not going the way they should be.

Dr. Sanchita Shirole

Medical Officer, PHC, Amboli Dist. Nashik

My most important learning was that the major decisions in life should be made on the basis of values.

Swapnil Bodkhe

BS-MS, Biology
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune

I realised that self-love should not turn to self-obsession. I live in a society and as I take, I should give.

Dr. Sanyukta Shinde

MBBS, GMC Nagpur

Making myself vulnerable, stepping out of that 24*7 bubble, sharing what I feel in front of 60 people helped me learn, made me feel accepted, confident, peaceful, kind of happy. My ideas about social contribution have become more matured now!

Dr. Manveen Kaur

MBBS, GMC Aurangabad
Cancer Registrar, SEARCH

Without NIRMAN, I really don’t think I would have ever gotten out of the rat race and would’ve ended up working in a big hospital in a metro believing that I am catering to the needs of the community. I feel convinced enough to talk to my parents about my future plans, talk to anyone and express my opinions regarding social change making. I have learnt the importance of leading a purposeful life, liberating myself from ‘me’.

Dr. Rituja Sardesai

MBBS, GMC Kolhapur

A great new civilization can be created if I have the vision to see how my contribution is important. I feel empowered and ready to enter social sector.

Dr. Disha Chimane

MBBS, GMC Aurangabad
Medical Officer, PHC Sarsam, Dist. Nanded

I discovered the freedom I have to make my own choices. I will not let material insecurities influence the choices that I’ve made for myself

Dr. Mrudula Bhoir

MBBS, GS Medical College, Mumbai

I realized that social sector is intellectually more stimulating than the conventional career, with the added benefit of getting the satisfaction of being useful to others. I also found out that I will not be earning anything less than ‘what I need’, and so I should stop acting or deciding everything based on this fear.”

Dr. Aishwarya Munde

MBBS, GMC Kolhapur

Latest मोबाईल, कंप्युटर गेम मधला high score, देशाचा आर्थिक विकासदर या गोष्टींमधे समाधान शोधू नये. खुश होण्यासाठी अनेक नैसर्गिक कारणे उपलब्ध आहेत. If acceleration is satisfaction, then frustration is the destination! कुठवर पळणार?
गाव, भाषा, प्रदेश, संस्कृति या चष्म्यांचा रंग उतरला. निर्माणमुळे गोष्टी जास्त स्पष्ट दिसू लागल्या. माझं वैयक्तिक करिअर ही अजिबात महत्त्व देण्यासारखी गोष्ट नाही. त्यापेक्षा जगात कितीतरी आव्हानं आहेत, तिकडे हातपाय मारावेत, हे कळलं.

Niranjan Toradmal

B.E. Mechanical Engineering, MIT Pune
Appropriate Technology Innovator, Proprietor - Mokar

पर्यावरण हा माझा जिव्हाळ्याचा विषय. आज विकासाच्या नावाखाली निसर्गाची जी काही ओरबड सुरु आहे, त्याची मनापासून चीड येते. त्यासाठी काही तरी करायचं असं डोक्यात होतं. निर्माणमध्ये गेल्यावर एका मोठ्या प्रश्नाला सामोरं जायला लागलं. “पर्यावरणासाठी काही तरी करायचं म्हणजे काय?” निर्माणच्या शिबिरांमधून आणि फेलोशिपमधून याचं उत्तर मिळवण्याच्या दिशेने प्रवास सुरु झाला.

Amruta Pradhan

PhD, Environment

निर्माणमध्ये ‘मला काय आवडतं यापेक्षा मी कोणाचा आहे? आणि समाजात गरज कशाची आहे?’ या प्रश्नांनी माझ्या विचारांना नवीन दिशा दिली. सोबतच मी करत असलेल्या प्रत्येक गोष्टीला सतत इतरांकडून approval शोधण्याच्या माझ्यातल्या वृतीला थोडसं बाजूला सारून स्वतःतल्या चांगल्या आणि वाईट गोष्टींसह स्वतःला स्विकारण्याचा आणि सुधारण्याचा धीर दिला.

Pratik Wadmare

B.E. Electronics and Telecommunication
Operations Research Associate, Muktipath

निर्माण शिबिराआधी ‘मी’ म्हणजे काय, माझ्या शिक्षणाचा समाजाला काय उपयोग? याच्याबद्दल मी कधी विचार केला नव्हता. निर्माणने मला हा विचार करायला भाग पाडलं. विचार अधिक स्पष्ट होत गेले. मीच स्वतःला नव्याने कळायला लागलो.

Sajal Kulkarni

M.Sc., Cattle Biodiversity Conservationist

खरं सामाजिक काम म्हणजे सर्वस्व अर्पण करून, घरादाराचा कुटुंबाचा त्याग करून पूर्ण वेळ निघणे ही माझी संकल्पना होती. निर्माणमुळे ती पूर्णच बदलली. याआधी मी भावनिकतेत निर्णय घेत असे, आता इतर गोष्टींवर पण विचार करायला शिकलो आहे. वैचारिक घोळ कृतीमधूनच मिटू शकतात हे आता कळले आहे.

Suyash Toshniwal

B.Tech. IT Engineering
Software and Social Media Associate, SEARCH

निर्भयता आणि नम्रता हे दोन मूल्ये अधिक सक्षम झाल्याने कठीण प्रसंगी निर्णय घेण्याची क्षमता वाढली. ‘हिंदुत्ववादी’ विचारसरणीत बदल होऊन ‘मानवतावादी’ बनलो. ‘गरज’ आणि ‘इच्छा’ यातील फरक समजला. माझी risk taking ability प्रचंड वाढली आहे.

Satish Girsawale

B.E., GEC Chandrapur
Senior Project Associate, NIRMAN

जीवनाचा अर्थ स्वतःहून शोधावा लागतो ही जाणीव झाली. स्वतःला समजून घेण्यासाठी मदत झाली आणि इतरांना समजून घेण्याची माझी वृत्ती वाढली.

Mayur Sarode

M.Tech. IIT Bombay
Project Officer, Selco India

NIRMAN is a relief that there exists a community, away from the competitive and materialistic reality, which is complete in itself with the values of cooperative spirit.

Prerana Sethiya

Mechanical Engineer

NIRMAN not only gave me amazing friends but also helped me to find the real me, and made me confident about my goal of social problem solving. Now I have a glorious purpose to live!

Akshay Wagh


NIRMAN introduced me to the gravity of social injustice in the society. My mind has now opened up to a whole new world of a more meaningful way of existence. NIRMAN increased my courage to bridge the gap between my thoughts and actions. I have become a better controller of the ship of my life.

Abhishek Patil

MBBS, GMC Mumbai
Medical Officer, SEARCH, Gadchiroli