NIRMAN aims to create a large group of young professionals having the desire and the capability to understand and solve the burning social problems. It plans to achieve this by developing an educational process which will facilitate a deeper search of these youth for leading a purposeful life. NIRMAN believes that such a pursuit of social problem solving will bring out the best in those individuals.

Society has problems like poverty, malnutrition, unemployment, lack of quality education, food and water scarcity, global warming, etc which are waiting to be solved. On the other hand, there are many youth who are in pursuit of a more meaningful life, something beyond just earning money. NIRMAN attempts to create a bridge between these two things so as to fulfill both the needs.

NIRMAN believes that the self-actualization of its participants cannot take place in isolation or in the narrow confinements of a secured lifestyle. It therefore attempts to bring the youth face to face with the reality of life, enabling them to identify, analyze and solve the societal problems. NIRMAN is a continuously evolving process of problem based experiential learning and identification of self through it. It focuses on enabling the participants to understand the world outside to find the peace within.